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Gifts fit for a King can be yours too with this magical blend of frankincense and myrrh to heal and repair damaged skin from the sun.  According to NIH, "The pharmacological effects of the combination of frankincense and myrrh are magically powerful, such as synergistic anti-inflammation, synergistic anticancer, synergistic analgesic, synergistic antibacterial, synergistic blood-activation, and so on."


Each 2 oz cream filled cobalt blue uv protective jar contains 4 organic ingredients:

Young Living Sacred Frankincense & Myrrh I Vitamin E I Virgin Coconut Oils


Apply to a clean, dry face 2x/day.  Store in a cool place.


    • "I'm really noticing a difference on my face using wise; dark spots and dry patches are diminishing!" ~ Joanne P.
    • "I love wise sacred skincare!  I use it for a moisturizer at night, it soaks into my skin, it smells really good and I like the ingredients.  Frankincense is also a skin tightening oil and that's working." ~ Denise C.
    • "My young daughter has very sensitive skin and nothing seemed to work until my friend lent me some of her wise sacred skincare to try and it works like magic!  I'll be buying 2 more jars" ~ Jenn P.
    • "I didn't have anything removed this time at the dermatologist after using wise!" ~ Beth N.
    • "Wise is working!  My skin is looking younger and smoothing out after using wise post MOHs surgery.  I highly recommend it." ~ Cheryl W.

    My Story...

    Melanoma (skin cancer) runs in my family, so I'm mindful of the precautions I need to take.  However, a year ago I had MOHs surgery on the side of my face to remove cancer cells.  6 months ago those cells came back.  After weighing my options, I opted out of another mohs surgery, just had a freeze...knowing there's got to be another alternative.  I started reading studies conducted by NIH on the benefits of frankincense, and also combined with myrrh in a strategy for skin cancer.  Hey, if it's good enough for baby Jesus...


    Hearing other success stories, I invested in Young Living Sacred Frankincense and Myrrh Essential Oils to make face cream.  I applied 2x/day a few weeks prior to my follow up derm visit.  Lo and behold, there was NOTHING to remove where there once was a cancerous risk. 


    The feedback from customers has been so encouraging that it's working for them too - Hallelujah!


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