Client Reviews

"Twisted sister Christian yoga is simultaneously relaxing and uplifting! The ambience is set to give God glory. I especially love the candlelit floors and the glass ceiling through which you can truly see the starlit sky and praise God for His creation! Thank you Cheryl!"

Dr. Prema Eapen

"Twisted Sister Yoga was a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.  Cheryl guided us on a lovely hour-long respite from the daily grind.  I enjoyed the session and felt my body respond

to the new moves.   Can’t wait for the next session!"

Sharyn Lankau

"What a treaure we have at the Jersey Shore with Cheryl Lovelace's well crafted Twisted Sister Yoga classes!  I truly feel the benefit in my balance, flexibility and strength, but what is most pleasant and unique is the scripture reading and music.  These are the "twists" that keep me coming!"

Elizabeth Nicholas

"Twisted Sister Yoga is totally unique and a cool experience.  I felt a deeper spiritual connection with God through an awesome meditation Cheryl led us through during savasana."

Brian Gagliana


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