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South End Spring Lake Beach Pavilion Yoga

June 17th - Labor Day 2023

Mon through Fri 8-9am
Sat & Sun 9:15-10:15am

Come absorb the beauty of beach yoga under shade at on solid surface with a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean.  Practice yoga in fresh sea air while dolphins swim by with our wonderful beach community. 

Ocean / Atlantic Ave | Spring Lake, NJ​

Space is Limited, Save Yours Today!

"I have taken yoga classes all over the country (and the world) and have never found a teacher that I love as much as the one in my very hometown. While vacationing, I took a beach yoga class with Cheryl of Twisted Sister Yoga and I was blown away. It was by far one of the best classes I have ever taken. The setting, overlooking the ocean and watching the dolphins was incredible. But the practice, the offerings, the movement, was second to none. I will find my way to the ocean all year long so not to miss these classes."
~Megan Jolin

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