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South End Spring Lake Beach Pavilion Yoga

See You Next Summer!

New Studio Yoga

Allenwood Station Studio

3203 Atlantic Ave | Allenwood, NJ 08720

Tues * Thu * Sat


Brand New State of the Art Yoga Studio!  Join our faith based yoga community for all levels.  With creative and balanced sequences, strengthening and lengthening, detoxing and breath work, you will experience a strong, safe and supportive practice.

$85 Unlimited for the Month


$20 Drop Ins

"I have taken yoga classes all over the country (and the world) and have never found a teacher that I love as much as the one in my very hometown. While vacationing, I took a beach yoga class with Cheryl of Twisted Sister Yoga and I was blown away. It was by far one of the best classes I have ever taken. The setting, overlooking the ocean and watching the dolphins was incredible. But the practice, the offerings, the movement, was second to none. I will find my way to the ocean all year long so not to miss these classes."
~Megan Jolin