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My Selah Moment in Yoga

"Teach me, and I will be silent; make me understand how I have gone astray." Job 6:24

Tucked within the Psalms, you will find the word “Selah.” It means “pause and reflect.” Even more so, it means to look at what’s occurred directly before, remember, and reflect. Today, I feel the Lord is calling us to create selah moments.

Depending on your situation, calming down the noise may mean a social media break or taking a hike. I enjoy my selah moments in a yoga class where I strategically plan to spend time with the Lord. Selah moments allow us to hear from God clearly. They give the Lord the opportunity to speak to us without distraction. It’s possible that just like the sounds in our current background, God is present and speaking; we are just too busy to hear it. If you’ve been struggling to hear His voice, make a choice to seek moments of quiet and reflection.

Today's selah moment came to me during a yoga class to help me see how far I have come with my own self love and care while I was hugging myself. I used to punish my body when I worked out. I was ungrateful for how God made me unique and "wonderfully made" (Psalm 139). If perhaps I tried more of some exercise my legs would look more like hers or I would withhold food because I didn't deserve it. My mother told me I was just "big boned", after all.

I would also feel guilt and shame for things I ate, drank, did...and so excessive pounding on my body via exercise seemed like some sort of relief to my self loathing. Over the years yoga, woven in with God's truth, grace and mercy, has taught me to connect with my body in a new loving way. I have discovered a beautiful mind, body, spirit connection that allows for self forgiveness and a vastness to God's abounding love. I find gratitude for my strength, balance, renewed flexibility and skills. I have learned I can get overall healthier results in a more self caring way.

I am hopeful to see myself more and more the way God sees me.

My Prayer in Yoga

Lord, teach me to take a moment to breathe, reflect, and appreciate You and all that You have done. Highlight the areas where I’ve allowed busyness and distraction to rob me of hearing Your voice. Life is so much better Your way, please lead me back when I've gone astray. Thank You Lord for times of relaxation and refreshing. In Jesus Christ’s Name, I pray. Amen.

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