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Endless Thanksgiving

In the morning when I first awake is when I feel God stirring my heart to say or do something. This morning it was to express the words "endless thanksgiving".

I thought about the many meanings of how this term applies to our lives today. Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, the entire world is encouraged to stay home with their families...indefinitely. Unlike other crises, we continue to have an abundance of resources like food, running water, power and internet. Most places are closed so we are gathering around the table, breaking bread and connecting with loved ones...just like we do at Thanksgiving.

In yoga, we incorporate a heart of gratitude. As I was thinking of the many verses in scripture that speak of giving thanks, 1 Thessalonians 5:18 popped up (now mind you, May 18th is the birthday of my deceased father, Lew - cool right?!). We are instructed to give thanks in all circumstances...not just the easy breezy good times, but in ALL. I am finding more gratitude in the little things than ever before. For instance, my daughter and I were mountain biking yesterday. It's wonderful to share that time together while getting exercise outside, but I was more mindful of the details. We have a trail head out of our driveway that has been cleared recently (just in time!) right into the trail system in Allaire State Park. My daughter and I get to talk about how she's feeling with her new normal and the beauty of nature as we challenge our biking skills...proud mama moment!

This is a perfect time to reflect on our greatest commandments to love God with all your heart, soul and mind; And to love your neighbour as yourself. I also believe God is preparing us for the eternal worship of praise we will be doing in heaven. So for today, may your endless thanksgiving become a beautiful blessing.

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